Communities that Care began in 2016 in Renfrewshire as a 5-year project (funded by STV Children’s Appeal).

A model which is both replicable and sustainable, has been tested and developed based on the learning and impact of the original project, and has already extended its reach to Edinburgh.

Communities that Care has three main elements – education, belonging and influencing.

“I think Communities that Care should be in every community”

(Care Experienced Person)



The programme’s focus within education aims to create more inclusive and supportive school environments.

This is achieved by educating entire school communities (pupils, staff, parents/carers) about what care experience is and how to be more supportive of Care Experienced people. The project provides fun opportunities for Care Experienced pupils to be together, learn about their rights and care identity and to use their voice to influence change within their school.

For more detail on the impact of the project’s education work watch this video



The model creates opportunities for Care Experienced people, of all ages, to come together within their communities to take part in participation groups and events which promote belonging.

Care Experienced people can join Who Cares? Scotland’s membership and connect with Care Experienced people across Scotland.

For more detail on the impact of the project’s belonging work watch this video



By engaging with key decision makers within communities, such as local councillors, the Communities that Care model enables Care Experienced people to use their voice to influence transformational change within their communities.

For more information on the impact of the project’s influencing work watch this video

Next Steps

Based on the learning from our Communities that Care pilot, we are now creating a PSE curriculum resource to educate school pupils from P1 all the way to S6 about care experience.

Renfrewshire Council are supporting us to create this resource and we’ll be rolling it out in all of their schools over the next 3 years.

Our ambition is that one day everyone in Scotland will be learning about care experience at school.

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